The owners of RM Stelting web development services have retired. The business is closed. We have enjoyed serving our clients since the 1980's and wish them well.

This is an end of a phase in life for us. This is also the beginning of a new day for us as represented in the image. A new day dawns as the setting moon drops from view and the rising sun lights the mountain in a warm splash of golden tones.


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My back has healed to the point that I can walk longer distances again and plan to do this walk. I believe in protecting the life of all children, both the born and yet to be born. All are precious.

If you share my view that all children are precious and wish to make a contribution it would be greatly appreciated. See my sponsor page for more information HERE.

Thank you for your consideration. - Ray

I was able to  complete the walk. I met a nice walking partner. The rain threatened but did not rain on "our parade".

A BIG "Thank you." to those who sponsored me.